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Thu Jan 29
 Social Studies Fair 6:00-7:30
 Bowling 3:30-5:00
Fri Jan 30
 Second Progress Report on line - 12 NOON DISMISSAL
Thu Feb 5
 7th Grade Retreat
 Bowling 3:30-5:00
Fri Feb 6
 9 AM Mass
 12 Noon Dismissal
 Daddy/Daughter Dance 7:00-9:30
Sat Feb 7
 High School Registration
Mon Feb 9
 Gertrude Hawk Easter Candy Sale Begins
Thu Feb 12
 Bowling 3:30-5:00
Fri Feb 13
 Tag Day - American Heart Assn.
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Protecting God's Children

Start the Process Now
All steps take time to complete. 

Please complete the steps in the following order: 

  1. Effective June 1, 2012 anyone wishing to volunteer, chaperone class trips, or seek employment must successfully complete the Protecting God's Children Program.  An initial application needs to be filled out, which authorizes a background check.  Applicants must also read and sign a Code of Conduct Agreement.  In addition, a 3 hour  training course must be completed online or at a training site listed on www.virtus.org.
  2. Upon successful completion of the PGC Program, a certificate will be provided that will remain effective for three years.
  3. After three years, recertification requires  ongoing  training.   Visit www.virtus.org   to recertify.  Applicant  must have an Email address in order to receive updates to the  training which will all be provided online.


Click here for ongoing training

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